Kansas City Athlete Training offering speed and agility group classes and personal training for youth and high school boys and girls in Kansas City Missouri


  • Our instructors will train your son or daughter on the proper way to increase speed, agility, strength, and endurance by using functional training techniques along with coaching proper mechanics. The purpose of this training is to help athletes transfer what they have learned and developed from the gym to the playing field. These classes are recommended for athletes in sports such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, track, tennis, golf, soccer, ultimate fighting, cheerleading and any other sport that requires speed, strength and coordination.


    Our Speed and Agility Class and Elite Training classes are intended to get any athlete in shape for their upcoming sports season and to improve an athlete's speed and agility skills which will in turn prepare them to have a more productive season.


    Classes are intended for any athlete (male or female) between the ages of 5 on up as we work with both youth and high school athletes. He or she must be committed to improving their current athletic skills with a willingness to work at a high level of intensity.  Our job as instructors is to try and get maximum effort and commitment from our athletes as they get in better shape their confidence grows help them develop into a leader.


    What is the benefit to attending classes?

    Today's youth athlete should take advantage during the offseason of their sport to achieve a strength and fitness level they never thought possible. It is our job to help them achieve this goal. If they have the desire we have the knowledge and equipment to make that possible.



    Speed and Agility Training Group Classes for youth and high school boys and girls at Kansas City Athlete Training in Kansas City Missouri

    List of the opportunities offered at Kansas City Athlete Training:


    • Do I need to have my child bring their own drinks?
    • NO You are allowed to bring in your own water bottle or drink HOWEVER we have a drinking fountain and we do have Bottled Water, Soda, Chips, Granola Bars and Gatorade For Sale for $1.00 at the front desk.
    • What shoes can I wear?
    • RUNNING SHOES, CLEATS, OR INDOOR SOCCER SHOES OR ALL PURPOSE SHOES The main surface we use for our drills is field turf however we do use mats and sometimes work outside so we recommend that athletes wear indoor turf shoes for the best traction and safety when walking or training between surface however running shoes and cleats are allowed.
    • Dress Attire?
    • ANSWER: Work Out Clothes, T-Shirt and Shorts Wear clothes you can move in and be comfortable.

    • Are parents allowed to stay and watch?
    • YES Parents can watch the classes. We also have FREE Wi-Fi, clean restrooms and drinks available.

    • My son child has never played football before, can they attend football specific classes?
    • ANSWER: YES The classes are structured for both beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. Our instructors will tailor the class to those who are in attendance and have the experience to work with all athletes as we have a variety of advanced and beginner classes to help train athletes.

    • Are the classes for both boys and girls?
    • ANSWER: YES The classes are open to both boys and girls. We train both boys and girls in our speed and agility and elite training classes as the classes are open to both boys and girls from any school or sport.

    • Do I have to be a football player to attend?
    • The classes are open to any athlete starting in Kindergarten and older. We get both female and male athletes from all sports and if you look at pictures on our site you can see all the girls we train in our classes.

    • Do I have to play football for the Missouri Wolverines to attend?
    • ANSWER: NO The classes are open to any athlete in Kindergarten and older in any grade from any team or school.

    • Will I be recruited to play for the Missouri Wolverines?
    • NO The classes are open to any athlete in Kindergarten and older including several high school athletes from any team or school around the KC Metro. The classes frequently have coaches from the Missouri Wolverines help assist with classes as the Missouri Wolverines utilize the facility in the fall. If you have questions about football, they are happy to answer questions about the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football program but regardless of where you play sports our instructors will work with the attendees to best prepare them for their upcoming seasons. We have over a 100 football athletes that we train and play for other teams across the city.

    • Why all the Missouri Wolverines merchandise and trophies?
    • Kansas City Athlete Training is part of the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization Inc. which is a 501c3 Youth Organization which also has a youth football club and camp. The training sessions held at by Kansas City Athlete Training are open to all athletes from any team, sport or league. Just like Arrowhead Stadium is the Home of the Kansas City Chiefs but is used by college teams for games. The facility we utilize is the home of the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Club and the Kansas City Youth Football Camp and utilized in the fall for football practices when there is no training going on but open to the public via our training sessions..