Kansas City Athlete Training offering speed and agility group classes and personal training for youth and high school boys and girls in Kansas City Missouri


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    Why We Need Your Help?

    Kansas City Athlete Training is a Missouri 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

    Kansas City Athlete Training is a non-profit athletic sports facility created specifically to help athletes utilize sports as a way of preparing for life.

    Our mission is Building Leaders Through Physical Fitness. We strive to instill in our athletes that EFFORT is important. Hard Work = Improvement = Success which will get results. We believe when an athlete becomes proud of their appearance their confidence grows which will help them become more confident.

    One of our hardest tasks is to push our athletes to give 100% all the time.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by rewarding and acknowledging those athletes who overchieve in class.  At the conclusion of each class we select an Effort Champion which is the athlete who worked the hardest and went the extra mile. This is not given to the athlete who jumps the highest or who runs the fastest but who gives the most effort for that class. This allows each and every athlete the same opportunity to be the Effort Champion. We take a picture of the Class Effort Champion and post their picture along with a Championship Belt on our Facebook Page so that their can see their accomplishments and their parents have the opportunity to share and be proud of their child's accomplishment.



    Our instructors at Kansas City Athlete Training as they are all former or current youth and/or high school coaches who have a vested interest in developing athletes and more importantly our staff is all about giving back to the community.


    How Can You Benefit?

    • Visibility - Kansas City Athlete Training acknowledges all those who support our facility.
    • This is a TAX DEDUCTABLE donation.
    • A tax ID number and receipt will be provided upon request.
    • Our youth are the future of this country and this community. This program significantly contributes to the positive development of our youth - our future leaders. Investing in our youth should be everyone’s goal.


    Sponsorship Options

    Sponsorship Options for Kansas City Athlete Training in Kansas City Missouri

    Kansas City Athlete Training requires all first time class attendees to fill out the following Liability and Consent Release Waiver. Copies are available at the facility to be signed or you can print this form off and bring it to your first class. We only require the form to be signed once.



    If you are interested in sponsoring the Kansas City Athlete Training and need more information:
    Please email us at [email protected] or call 816-379-3701.

    To contact us via US Mail:
    Kansas City Athlete Training
    735 North Chestnut Ave.
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